original art

Artact represents a growing body of established and emerging Australian artists.

Prints on paper

Our collection of original contemporary prints on paper is one of the largest in Australia. They range from investment quality to small, original, affordable gifts. The artwork that we hold is ready to be framed to suit its new location, whether a home, an office or hotel. We frame to suit contemporary spaces and also more traditional settings.

Works on paper need to be carefully framed with conservation materials to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

Artwork on paper will need to be behind glass. This used to mean distracting reflection in some spaces. However, we are now using special glass which is not only anti-reflective but also clear enough to appreciate the finest details unlike old, dull, opaque glass. It can also protect sensitive, valuable artwork from damaging ultra violet light.

We pride ourselves in delivering newly framed artwork that will bring pleasure for many years to come.

Paintings on canvas

Artact represents many artists who prefer to work on canvas. The artists are chosen for the style of their work which we believe best suits the needs of our clients.

These original works in oil or acrylic paint are usually larger pieces that do not require being behind glass. This means no reflection when hung in spaces that enjoy bright, natural or artificial light.

Artact commissions artists to paint specific work for clients who need a particular size of artwork to fit their space. These may feature special colours that are preferred by the client to suit their décor. It is no more costly to commission an artwork that to buy an existing painting.

Artists will provide a ‘maquette’ or small preview of the work for the client to help meet expectations.

Finding a single large piece of artwork for a residence can be the focal point of a living area and set the style that other pieces can fit in with at a later date. At Artact we have been dedicated to helping clients find the ‘right’ piece of artwork around which to build their collection, however modest or limited by space.

Remember, your artwork travels with you when you move house, and should be equally ‘at home’ in any future location that you might find yourself living in.