photo wall

At Artact we specialise in collections of family photographs or corporate history to create a family photo wall, or what we have christened Heritage Walls.

We can advise on a selection of current and historical photographs, and with a carefully planned layout and suitable framing, help you to create your own display of family or corporate history.

Changeable over time

This can grow with time and the photos can be changed to become a living history. Your Heritage Wall will become a great conversation point and a much-admired addition to your home or office. When clients have gathered a selection of photographs we then help them assemble these into a display that suits the wall size available and the character of the family.

We can restore, resize and reprint photographs so that they work together to give a family history that can be enjoyed for many years.

Mixing the old with the new takes a little care and planning, but is always very rewarding. Your Heritage Wall can become a favourite piece of artwork and history for friends and all the family to enjoy.

When we move these displays to a new home for clients we find that they love to have a piece of family history move with them.

Careful installation of these, often using security brackets, ensures that they do not move around on the wall, even when being cleaned.

The Family Photo Wall or Heritage Wall becomes the most personal addition to the artwork in your home and can ‘grow and go’ with you as you move on.