Artact has always produced beautiful, custom-made mirrors. For homes, offices, apartment lobbies and large developments Artact custom mirrors make a lasting statement.

We have our own specially produced mouldings to help you to create the perfect mirror for hallway or bedroom, above a fireplace or sideboard.

Well-placed, a mirror can help to expand your space and bring light into the darkest corner. Whether plain or bevelled, sleek and modern or more traditional, the right size mirror makes a great addition to any home.

A mirror in the entry to a home can add light and glamour to a dark hallway and be a good personal appearance check as people come and go!

Above a fireplace or a sideboard a well-sized mirror can bring both light and a pleasant outdoor reflection into a room. We specialize in giving clients the right size of mirror to suit their space and helping them to decide whether it will be bevelled or plain.

The correct choice of frame from our wide selection can ensure that you have a magnificent mirror that will a great statement, and also move with you if necessary as life progresses.

Whether you need mirrors for bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms, formal dining room or hallway with our experience we can make sure that you get the right size, the right frame and the right price to give you the lifetime benefit that a marvellous custom mirror can make to your home.

As with all our artwork and framing Artact makes sure that new mirrors are safely installed.

Remember that mirrors are only as useful as what they reflect!